Turton United

Turton, the place

Turton is a small area approximately 4 miles north east of Bolton, Greater Manchester, England

Historical records for Turton exist since the Middle Ages.

A most notable local landmark is Turton Tower.

A Museum since the early 1950s, Turton Tower may be open to the public each Wednesday and Sunday from March to October.

Turton United, the 'web' team

Turton United are an independent Web Crew, dedicated to bespoke web management.

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Turton United, Nominet Member

Turton United, a UK based Web House, providing independent web management.

Turton United Domain Code:

All Turton United domains are generally renewed on an annual basis. All domains are renewed automatically approximately 7 days before the domain name expires.

Domain names no longer required by Turton United will be left to expire and then suspended. The domain name will go into a 30 day protected period, after 30 days the domain will be suspended by Nominet and it will go into a 60 day period of grace. After 90 days the domain will be cancelled and deleted from the register and made available for resale through a third party.

It is Turton United's responsibility to make sure Contact details are up to date.

If you have any queries regarding Turton United Domains, you can contact us by the Contact Page. An email address is listed on the Domain Sales page. * Important* Turton United may charge for any / our Portfolio Domain advice.


Nominet is the .uk domain name governing body and Turton United are a Nominet member that registers and self manages domains registered by ourselves.

Further information can be found at: www.nominet.org.uk

Nominet FAQ's: www.nominet.uk/domain-support-faqs/

Domain dispute information: www.nominet.org.uk/disputes/drs/policy

Nominet Member

Complaints or Abuse

If you have any complaints regarding .uk domain names where Turton United are the Tag Holder please email the address shown on the Domain Sales Page

If you suspect any of the Domains administered by Turton United are subject to any abuse please contact us by the Contact page. Please ensure you include all relevant information and put "Domain Abuse [Domain name]" in the subject line. We will come back to you within 48 working hours.